Here is a short list of our most frequently asked questions by new visitors and clients.
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How do you deliver?

We deliver your product from our warehouses. If you there are no customs or duty problems. We deliver by UPS. You can have your package delivered to your home or directly to a post office/packing station. For more information, please do contact our customer service.

How long does it take till I get my product?

Delivery time is usually 2-8 working days which depends on your location. But we cannot guarantee this delivery time. We deliver immediately after receipt of money or in the case of cash on delivery, right on the following day. Please note that we cannot influence the delivery time.

How long does it take till I get a tracking number?

Usually it takes 24 hours till we send your tracking number to the shipping company. Unfortunately, faster is not possible because of organizational reasons. Please note, it is absolutely normal that it takes some time till the item appears in the order tracking.

Where can I track my order?
You can track your order on the website of UPS using the tracking number and the delivery date that we provide for you.
How can I pay?

In our shop you can choose from the following payment methods: PayPal Bitcoin CashApp Zelle

How can I order?

If you want to submit an order in our shop, you only have to place the desired products and their number into the shopping cart/shopping bag and then go through the ordering process. Here you will have to give your address and choose a payment method. After a successful order submission, you will automatically get a confirmation mail.

I am not getting any reply from Your Company

Sometimes, emails goes to SPAM, so also check your SPAM(JUNK) mails. If you haven’t receive any email from us email us at info@420weedking.com.

What does my status mean?

Payment received: We received your payment, the next step is the status: Ready for shipping Voucher on the way: You bought a voucher and you will receive it soon in an e-mail. Forwarded: Your order has been forwarded and you get your tracking number. Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled. This can happen if you have missing data in your address, you gave a wrong e-mail address, your mailbox is full or you submitted the order two or three times. Waiting for approval: We are waiting for payment or we need to check your payment. Fulfillment: Your order is forwarded to the shipping department. Fulfillment accepted: Forwarding your order to the shipping department was successful. Your order is being delivered. Ready for fulfillment: Your order will be forwarded to the shipping department at the earliest time possible.

Who will help me if I have a question?

Our support team is there for you and answers your questions as soon as possible. Usually we answer within 24-36 hours.

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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